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1. Are all appurtenances exempt?
2. What projects need a shoreline permit?
3. Do I need a shoreline permit for a single-family residential development?
4. Do shoreline permits go to the Hearing Examiner for review?
5. How do I know what shoreline environment applies to my project?
6. Is there more than one type of shoreline permit?
7. Is grading a development activity?
8. What is an appurtenance?
9. What is an associated wetland?
10. What is an HPA?
11. What is OHWM?
12. What is a Shoreline Substantial Development?
13. What is a Shoreline Conditional Use?
14. What is a Shoreline Variance?
15. What is Shoreline Jurisdiction?
16. What is a shoreline environment designation?
17. What shoreline permits are reviewed by the hearing examiner?
18. When is a project exempt from obtaining a shoreline permit?