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    This form is for information about a person of interest in a crime or case being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office. If you are reporting a crime, were a witness to criminal activity, or a victim of a crime, call 911.
  2. Please include as much as possible of the following:
    TYPE OF ACTIVITY (be specific); LOCATION (specific address, description of residence and/or vehicle); PERSONS INVOLVED (name, alias, age, date of birth, social security number, physical description); DATE, TIME AND DETAILS OF ACTIVITY
  3. All tips are kept confidential. NOTE: The more complete and specific the information, the more helpful the tip.
  4. Contact Information
    The following information is not required, but is extremely helpful to detectives. If you choose to leave contact information, it may assist in follow-up investigations. It is NOT required that you leave contact information. All tips may remain anonymous unless otherwise indicated.
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